iPad Version of NetAnatomy

Nearly all of NetAnatomy was originally created with Adobe Flash. Unfortunately Flash is not supported on tablets and as a result much of NetAnatomy was not visible on a tablet. As such, using Goggle Swiffy, the Flash version of NetAnatomy was converted into a format compatible with display on tablets. The conversion works ideally on an iPad and thus we call it the "iPad version".

The iPad content is identical to the desktop or laptop computer (PC) version of NetAnatomy. However, a particular feature present on these computers is not supported on tablets. That is the "rollover" feature where a mouse cursor can be positioned over text or an object and a change in display will occur. On tablets there is no rollover feature - you can only "touch" or "tap" a position in order to get a change in the display. As such in the desktop/laptop version of NetAnatomy where you are told to "pass the pointer" over text or an object, on the tablet version you must "tap" the text or object. In both versions we now often use the word "Select" to indicate a change in display when you select, with either a mouse or by touch, an object on the display.